Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is an Experience?

An Experience is an automatically organized hiking trip via WeGaw's online platform by a WeGaw user, the organizer. It can be a public Experience or a private Experience.

A public WeGaw consists of a minimum of 2 hikers and a maximum of 15: any WeGaw user can see and join it. A private WeGaw is booked by a single user for a specific number of people.

All Experiences are managed via WeGaw's platform: accommodation is booked automatically and hikers are updated with all the information required for the hike (itinerary, weather forecast and recommended equipment).

Q. Are Experiences guided hiking trips?

No. In a WeGaw, each hiker needs to remain aware of the itinerary and directions, taking full responsibility for himself or herself. A Experience is launched by a WeGaw user (the organizer), consists of 2 to 15 hikers with varying levels of experience, like yourself, and none of them is officially guiding the group. WeGaw's platform provides maps of the hikes, GPS compatible files and detailed itinerary instructions to every hiker, so that this task is made as easy as possible.

Keep in mind that each Experience requires a different level of orientation skills, which is made clear via the Technical Difficulty level shown.

Q. How do I know if I am fit for a WeGaw?

WeGaw will automatically calculate your fitness for each hike based on the Experiences previously hiked by yourself on the platform. In addition, you will be given the chance to answer a quick questionnaire so that WeGaw can understand which Experiences are a good choice for you to start with when you are a newjoiner.

Please note that these features are not yet available on the beta period. Work in progress!

Q. What are the Technical Difficulty levels of aan Experience?

The Technical Difficulty of an Experience rates the technical challenge of it, not the physical exertion. Consider, for example, a 40Km long hike on a flat road. Technically, this hike is extremely easy. However, the physical endurance required for a 40Km walk may pose some problems. On the other hand, a 1Km flat hike on an extremely exposed and non-secured trail across a cliff has a low physical difficulty, but reveals to be technically challenging.

In WeGaw, we use the official rating system of the Swiss Alpine Club for hiking trails [1]:

LevelPath, markers, terrainRequirements
T1Path or very visible trail. Exposed areas (if they are present at all) are very well secured. The risk of accidents can be eliminated by just having a normal behavior. If marked, by the norms of the FSTP: yellow.No requirements, also possible on sneakers. Orientation does not pose any problem, can be done even without a map.
T2Path or trail with uninterrupted visible track and frequent ascents. Sometimes steep terrain, risk of fall not excluded. If marked, by the norms of the FSTP: white-red-white.Sure-footedness, trekking shoes recommended. Elementary orientation skills.
T3Trail not neccessarily visible on the terrain, exposed sections may be secured by ropes or chains; eventually hands may be needed in order to keep balance. Some exposed sections with risk of fall, screes and slopes mixed with rocks without a visible trail. If marked, by the norms of the FSTP: white-red-white.Sure-footedness, good trekking shoes. Average orientation skills. Elementary mountain experience.
T4Trail sometimes unexistant, aid of hands is sometimes required. Pretty exposed terrain, delicate grassy slopes, screes, easy névés and crossings over glaciers not covered by snow. If marked, by the norms of the FSTP: white-blue-white.Familiarity with exposed terrain; rigid trekking shoes. A certain capacity of evaluating terrain and good orientation skills. Alpine experience; in case of bad weather, retreating may be difficult.

Q. How do I know what to bring to a WeGaw?

When you join a WeGaw, you are automatically updated on the itinerary, weather forecast and of course, what to bring. This means that you receive a list of recommended equipment based on the weather forecast for the dates the Experience takes place in. In addition to equipment recommendations, you will also be informed about any meals you should bring yourself. All this information will be sent to the email address you registered with when creating your account.

If you think you miss some equipment, and you want to be ready for the next WeGaw, have a look at our article Hiking Equipment for the Alps.

Q. How can I join a WeGaw?

You can join an Experience directly via the Go Hiking page: they will appear featured in your hike search results. If the Experience includes a night or more at an accommodation, the payment will be done online by credit card prior to your spot being confirmed.

Q. How can I launch my own WeGaw?

You can launch 1-day or multi-day private or public Experiences directly via the Go Hiking page: you'll need to choose the hike, set the date and meeting time, the amount of minimum and maximum participants as well as providing a small description of your plan. 1-day Experiences are launched instantaneously; if you try launching a multi-day WeGaw, we will receive your request and search for accommodation that suits your requirements before the Experience is published.

Q. How can I cancel my spot in a WeGaw?

While logged in with the account you used to book your spot, go to the section Your Experiences. You will be able to cancel your spot by clicking on the 'Cancel' button at the Experience you wish to cancel for. You will be presented with the terms and possible refund rates for your cancellation (in case of multi-day Experiences), which always exclude any card processing fees and/or service fees previously applied.

Calendar days notice before the event start dateApplicable refund
31 calendar days or more100%
Between 31 and 15 calendar days (inclusive)50%
Between 15 days and the day of the eventNo refund

Make sure to have a look at the Cancellation Policy of WeGaw.

Q. Is there any way to get a full refund on a multi-day WeGaw, even if I cancel late?

Yes! The Full Experience Full Refund (FWFR) Programme, in case you cancelled at least 3 days before the multi-day Experience start date (exclusive).

Q. What is the Full Experience Full Refund (FWFR) programme?

The Full Experience Full Refund Programme (FWFR Programme), gives everyone the chance to be fully refund (excluding any service fees and credit card fees previously charged) after making a cancellation which didn't opt for such full refund. The cancellation had to be made at least 3 days before the Experience start date (exclusive). This is better described in WeGaw's Cancellation Policy.

Basically, after confirming your cancellation, you will be able to share the Experience you were going to participate at with your friends, relatives and anywhere in social media and help it get full. If the Experience gets fully booked, meaning, no more slots to book available, you would be refund up to 100% of the Total Fees you paid for the Experience minus any service fees and credit card fees incurred at the time of the booking.

Example: Clara books a spot in a WeGaw, and cancels 20 days before its start date. As per the Cancellation Policy, Clara instantly gets a 50% refund. Clara learns about the FWFR Programme during the cancellation process on the website, and decides to share the WeGaw, which has 4 spots available, on her Facebook profile and on a Facebook group she knows. She also tells her colleagues. The Experience gets fully booked 10 days later, and Clara is notified that she has been refund with the remaining 50%.

Q. Can I propose a substitute for my spot in a WeGaw?

Formally, no, you can't. What you can do is cancel your spot and let someone else book it, which is quite similar. If you were eligible for the FWFR programme at the time of your cancellation, you would still have the chance to be refund up to 100% of the Total Fees of the WeGaw excluding any card processing fees and/or service fees previously applied. Have a look at WeGaw's Cancellation Policy to better understand how cancellations work.

Q. How do I know when an Experience is published?

Signup in WeGaw and make sure you choose to receive "New Hike ideas" on the registration form. This way, you will receive an e-mail when a new Experience is published.

Alternatively, follow our Facebook page.