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Our Mission

To eliminate traditional barriers to outdoors through advanced information technology, empowering society to enjoy the best outdoor experiences in the easiest, safest and most social way; thus, promoting healthy lives and environmental awareness.

The team

We strive to make outdoors safer, more accessible and social by empowering people through technology.
Ion Padilla

Ion Padilla

CEO, Co-Founder

MSc Software Engineer, has been part of CERN and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, where he helped C-levels at leading industry companies stablish strategic initiatives; such as Nestlé, United Nations or Syngenta.

Daniel Meppiel

Daniel Meppiel

CTO, Co-Founder

MSc Software Engineer, worked at CERN as a Software Engineer and later at Hewlett-Packard's EMEA Innovation Center. Daniel took up to the Swiss Alps 475+ people, camped in Greenland and explored Patagonia.

Lucille Verbaere

Lucille Verbaere

Product and Marketing Manager

MBA and MSc in Information Systems, Lucille has 17 years+ of experience in R&D, Partnership, Product and Marketing Management at STMicroelectronics and SITA. She is passionate about mountain sports and amateur alpinism.

Bru Mas Ribera

Bru Mas Ribera

Solution Architect

Software Engineer, worked at Pix4D as a Web Developer. Bru loves mountain routes and is the creator of the OpenHuts project that, as WeGaw, seeks to make outdoor planning easier.

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